Emis Portugal is installed in the industrial zone of Ourém and creates 90 jobs.

Emis Portugal, a company linked to the civil construction sector, will set up shop in the industrial zone of Ourém and create 90 jobs, announced the Chamber of this municipality in the district of Santarém.

Specialist in industrial insulation, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, piping and welding, Emis Portugal is preparing to invest one million euros in moving its headquarters to the municipality of Ourém, committing itself to creating 90 jobs, informs a Chamber press release.

According to the statement, 60 of the jobs will be permanently abroad and 30 will operate directly at the unit to be set up in the Industrial Zone of Ourém.

The company will be installed in Lot No. 34 of the Industrial Zone of Ourém – Casal dos Frades, after the public auction procedure for the disposal of the same after deliberation of the Council meeting on the 7th, added the same note.

“The arrival of Emis Portugal in Ourém represents further proof of the success of the policies defended by the city council executive, in the sense of favoring proactivity in the incessant search for companies interested in creating jobs in our municipality, equally creating well-being and wealth to Ourém”, concluded the note from the Municipality led by Luís Albuquerque

Mais Ribatejo

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